Shitahaba Ryokan
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舞子スノーリゾートでスキー・スノボ !


ビギナーからキッズ・ファミリーに人気の広い緩斜面から、エキスパートにお勧めのタフな急斜面まで、  バラエティー豊富なコースが自慢のビッグなスノーリゾート!


  • お客様へ「現在の雪の状況と2月の週末空き状況」のご連絡を致します。



    2月15日(土)、並びに2月29日(土)の週末にも空きがございますので、スキー旅行をご計画の皆様方におかれましてはご検討の程、何卒宜しくお願い申し上げます。土曜日からの1泊2日はもちろん、 週末をたっぷり遊べる 「金曜夜からの1.5泊もご利用下さい。







An important message to overseas guests

  • Shitahaba Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn.

    In the past we have not accepted bookings from overseas guests, feeling that they might be more comfortable and satisfied staying at a larger hotel or in a modern ryokan. However, some visitors do wish to experience a stay at our ryokan and we can accept reservations.

    In order to avoid any potential issues and misunderstandings, we would like to ask that all guests read and agree to the following before making a booking at Shitahaba Ryokan:

    • Take off your shoes at the entrance to enter the building. Shoes should be put in the shoe boxes at the entrance.
    • Do not wear shoes inside the building.
    • All our guest rooms are Japanese style with tatami mat flooring.
    • Guest rooms have air conditioning and a television.
    • There are no baths, toilets or washrooms in the guest rooms. Guests bathe and wash using pubic baths and washbasins and use shared toilets.
    • The public baths are shared. The baths for men and women are separate.
    • Other guests may be using the public baths at the same time.
    • Do not put body soap, shampoo or towels into the bath.
    • Body soap and shampoo/rinse is provided in the bathing area.
    • There are no hairdryers.
    • The shared toilets are gender-specific (separate) and are Western
      style with washlet.
    • If you choose an accommodation package that includes meals, the meals will be served in the common dining room.
    • Cooking is Japanese-style home cooking.
    • All bedding is Japanese-style futon.
    • The futon bedding is stored in the closet of the guest room.
    • Take the futon out of the closet when you wish to use them.
    • Towels, toothbrushes and nightclothes are not provided. Please bring your own.
    • Payment is cash only. Please pay when you check out.
    • Credit cards and cashless payments are not accepted.
    • There is a Lawson convenience store about 10 minutes away on foot.
    • There are no English-speaking staff at Shitahaba Ryokan. You are welcome to use a translation application, but please be aware that there may be communication issues!
    • We highly recommend that someone who understands Japanese helps you when making a booking.

    Please make a reservation after acknowledging the above and that the facilities and services are all Japanese style.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

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